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Cary Markerink

After digital proofs we made two wet proofs on Tatami White to see if we had to make any last corrections to get the best result on press and paper. Having worked with Cary for two months prior to printing we were able to know exactly how the book should turn out.

30,5 x 41,0 cm portrait, 202 pages, 8 gatefolds + 5 double gatefolds, together with two small booklets, ‘Höffding’ and ‘Dark Star’ 12 cm x 16 cm each
Black cloth with foil block in 2 colours
Butterfly black 160 g/m2
Tatami White 150 g/m2, printed 4/4 CMYK
Hardcover, square spine, 3mm board, head and tail bands
Custom made box wrapper in brown craft board
Image and colour corrections made to all supplied digital images. 1 round of digital colour proofs, followed by colour adjustments.

Memory traces: Cary Markerink